Sunday, September 11, 2016

When your confidante/ best friend becomes a blogger;

A blogger/a writer  they are the people who revolve around ideas, or ideas revolve around them. As a person who loves to write I treasure my experiences and also the experiences of others. 
Every tiny bit of writing that flows from the edge of a pencil on a notepad contains those cherished moments of writers. That’s why even a fancy fairy tale or a tragic love story cannot be discarded.

If a person confide in a writer to tell their story. it’s the responsibility of the writer to honor that confidentiality. It not enough to say that “I won’t say this person’s name.......” It’s betraying that so called confidentiality all along.

But there’s something else.. 
The world is so deep and dark. It’s not a cynical thing to say. It’s the reality. If I get a chance to write about the world for what it is, I would do it in a heartbeat
That’s the way of my blog.

Even we see candy sweet instagram updates of our “best friends”. That might not be their life story. so without being jealous of their hashtags it’s better to seek our own moments.
That’s what I learned.

There was a colleague of mine whom I shared lots of memories. She taught me how to be a good listener. She didn’t want advices from me, but she wanted to tell me her stories. When she talks she use to cross every t and dot every i. But until today I value those details and stories. 
Some people need advices; some needs just to talk and get it all out ; either way that listening made me love writing today.

This sudden confession is on behalf of my future posts and the posts that I have posted already. I’m grateful for my experiences. Every detail of your story might not be in my memory bank. I’m sure that those stories got their real estate in my neurone web. Most importantly my blog won’t give away your life story.

So this is a shout out for youu.!!


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