Sunday, November 6, 2016

Did you make someone happy today.?

It's been a while, sitting behind a keyboard and typing what my heart says. This blog is 1 year old now. I thank everyone of you for visiting and reading my little scribbles in the cyberspace.  

In this post I would like to address our very own dark places, little snags along the way. We all have our own set of problems. We carry that sac every day upgrading it with a new set of problems. At the same time every one of us think that we are the ones carrying the heaviest load whereas that’s the smallest in the world.

If worries and happiness came in separate packages, what would you choose.?
 You even have the chance to sign up for both packages…

Definitely it will be the happiness, won’t it.? 
Why would anybody intentionally choose worries.? Neither will I, if I had to choose between those two. I might be completely wrong about that perspective.. 
But here, I will enjoy both packages.

When someone gets burdened, hurt and crushed by thorns along the way; they start to hate the troubles. 
But those are the ones that shape our lives. Our true identity. 
How we achieved those obstacles will prove for how strong we were..

At the face of a heartbreak some feel naive and deny their worries while others cry out. In expressed and unexpressed ways problems go unaddressed until they flame and burn. To face some of the so called problems we might need someone’s help, which is totally acceptable.

Recently I joined a volunteering campaign and the above quote is the best thing I heard in the inaugural meeting.

 Make someone happy, So you can be happy.

Your contribution might go unnoticed, yet you’ll never forget that you tried.
Nina Dobrev once said that she tries to compliment at least 10 people everyday. In her line of work that’s a small number. For us let’s make at least a few people happy  every morning.

Now that Stephen Hawking don’t want us to reach out for extraterrestrial friends it’s high time to make terrestrial friends that we can depend on… 

A mere compliment won't build everlasting friendships, but when it is sincere at least their day will brighten up..!!