Monday, July 24, 2017

This is why we shouldn't underestimate the power of a Journal.!

At some point of our lives almost every one of us had a beautiful connection with a book. This may be a journal or a diary and it is a most beautiful and an intimate relationship.
Some of us might didn't get a chance to write everyday.
Some of us might have given up the idea just because of the sneak peeks of the family  
or might've even lost the interest along the way.
In my case, although I write, I don't everyday.
My journal has its own name.. ;)
It's not a fancy book with bold letters of JOURNAL ; it's a simple book hiding in the plain sight.

1. Best Friend
It has been a best friend even though we have no idea about that.
My journal knows everything about me. But it doesn't judge me. My deep dark secrets and insecurities also fantasies.
At some point a journal can seem like a fantasy as we write "what if"situations. Yet it is so beautiful . I believe yours too.

2. The hobby we've never known.
When nothing else is worth spending time, grabbing that book a pen could be the easiest way to find solace. Journaling could be a hobby as opposed to the fact that routine journaling could be a habit.

3. Our true resume for life
Journal knows our potential, strengths and also weaknesses. We can assess own own attitudes and develop ourselves with time as we add our life experiences to the journal.
Journals never get destroyed by themselves unless we misplace it. So it’s a written record of our insignificant, little but valuable milestones.
Even though no one else believes it; journal is a proof that we’ve achieved one of the most important things in life ; experience”.

4. Shhh how about the secrets.
You know what I’m talking about, Journal carries an ongoing list of “crushes”, unrequited love stories and many more. It’s alright because somebody gotta know it.
That’s why journaling is a method of relieving stress.
To avoid reliving in the situation you can develop the story to your benefit coz no one knows your side of the story better than the journal.

5. Our ideas are stored in there.
We have revolutionary but totally impractical ideas.
Why not write them down. Someday we might turn them into innovative and completely practical ideas.

6. Write. write . write
Last but not least I have to mention how much it helps to develops writing skills and constructing thoughts into words.
It’s never easy turning thoughts into words let alone writing them down. Therefore it also helps to develop concentration.

Journaling is a wonderful journey.
If you haven’t tried yet it’s time to get on board.
Happy Journaling.! XD

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